Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Year Later....

wow. I can't believe its been a year since i have wrote anything on here... Reading my last Blog post i don't think much has changed except another year, oh and we did move. lol. well we are still trying to have our Angel baby. Its becoming more and more difficult as each month passes. I still have a void. I finally went to the dr. though. were getting some help and hopefully will be expecting soon. Yes were still having faith and knowing that when its time it will happen. Just can be a struggle to always remember that. Jac and I've been married for a year and almost 7 months. Its so crazy how much fun we've had together, how happy we are. Don't get me wrong we still have plenty of problems lol. but we do what we can to focus on all the good thins. Were just taking one day at a time and learning about each other as the touch moments come. Were still working towards the temple Were hoping that will happen around the new year. Taben, Abby, and Lucas are getting big. Its amazing to look at their pictures and see the change. They are getting smarter and loving life. Were still learning each other, but will always do that. Last post i said something about focusing on being a mom and wife. I think i have done that, but not to my fullest. I do believe that as a mom and wife your always learning and changing things. But I am fully going to focus on being a mother. My husband has given my the greatest roll i could as for and is making my dreams come true. I am full filling my dream, being a mom and staying home with them is what I've always dreamed about. Now i am going to devote more myself to my family. I am going grow and connect and have passion with them. I am going to have fun. I am going to be there friend, but also there mom. Like i want to be. I am learning so many wonderful tips on Pinterest. My good friend lol. I am taking it all in and changing my attitude towards being a mom. I do think I'm a good mom, and I've always thought of myself as pretty mature but i think that everyone can mature. I don't think it just stops. But i do think i put mine on hold for awhile. Now that i have realized that, i am going to change it and make everything better. Were going to be happier and loving life 100 times more. I am confident i can do this and am going to force myself to do this. This is my Goal and i want to accomplish it.

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