Monday, September 5, 2011


So far this year....
We have built our family. Jac and I were married on April 9,2011. Best day of our lives. Taben just turned 6 and started first grade. Abby just turned 5 and started kindergarten. Lucas just turned 4 and were going to be doing a pre-school group with some ladies in our ward.
Jac is a wonderful dad and Husband. He is always busy working hard for our family. Allowing me to be able to be home with our children. We are very blessed. He is always keeping the peace in our home. We are striving to do our best in each day. Growing more and more. We are trying to make our own magic, by building a wonderful future.
We are trying to be more organized and keeping a schedule some days its works and other not so much. I am sure it will work out soon. Each day is a new day for our family and were just trying for a better future.
We have high expectations for our future and big goals and dreams. We are planning to have more children. Time will only tell with that. It is a struggle for us. But were staying positive and keeping faith.

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